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reclaim vat

25 May Can you reclaim VAT on a work of art for your office?

You’ve just bought a work of art for the reception area of your offices. It was quite pricey and included a charge for VAT. As the item doesn’t play a direct role in your business are you entitled to reclaim the VAT? VAT on purchases Most purchases...

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tax-free benefits

11 May The suggestion of tax-free benefits

An employee has recommended you start a staff suggestion scheme. Apart from the advantages for your company, payments for suggestions can be tax exempt. Can you start by paying a tax-free sum to the employee who came up with the idea? Staff suggestions schemes Staff suggestion schemes...

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27 Apr An Alternative Way of Resolving Issues with HMRC

Poor general administration from HMRC has caused a high level of frustration at the department for many years. There is a lesser known method of escalating specific client issues - the Agent Account Manager (AAM) service. When might this be a good option? ONLINE SERVICE The Agent...

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25 Apr Put your children to work tax free!

As any parent knows, kids are expensive. Can adding them to your company’s payroll help reduce the cost? Deductible expenses We’ve heard it a thousand times in a hundred different ways, “I’ll get the company to pay so it can claim a tax deduction” . Using the...

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Making a Loss

02 Mar Recording a Loss – Good Tax Planning?

Why is recording a loss good tax planning? When it suits HMRC it will rely entirely on the figures shown on your company’s tax return. A mistake might therefore result in extra corporation tax. A tribunal recently considered this point. What lessons can be learned from...

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Tax-Free Income

17 Feb Turning Pension Contributions into Tax-Free Income

If you have money to invest you could go for one of the government’s tax-advantaged schemes like ISAs. These have proved popular, but could the changes to scheme rules make a pension a better home for your cash with regards a tax-free income? Tax-advantaged investments Tax-advantaged investments...

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