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Tax-Free Income

17 Feb Turning Pension Contributions into Tax-Free Income

If you have money to invest you could go for one of the government’s tax-advantaged schemes like ISAs. These have proved popular, but could the changes to scheme rules make a pension a better home for your cash with regards a tax-free income? Tax-advantaged investments Tax-advantaged investments...

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23 Jan Can share dealing ever be a trade?

A 2016 case considered whether share dealing could be a trade, with any losses from it available for offset against general income. What was the outcome? General rule. The usual advice is that losses from speculating on the stock market can’t be offset against a client’s...

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02 Dec Tax-free savings for children

There are two schemes which parents can use to build up tax-free savings for their children, but there are limits. How can you maximise the investment allowed? Shifting income It’s fair to say that HMRC is no fan of family members shifting income between themselves to save...

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