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25 May Can you reclaim VAT on a work of art for your office?

You’ve just bought a work of art for the reception area of your offices. It was quite pricey and included a charge for VAT. As the item doesn’t play a direct role in your business are you entitled to reclaim the VAT? VAT on purchases Most purchases...

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20 Jan VAT Claw Back

When can HMRC claw back VAT you’ve reclaimed? You’ve reclaimed VAT on an asset which you expect to use to make VATable supplies, but your intentions change. It will instead be used for exempt or non-business purposes. Does this mean you’ll have to repay the VAT? VAT...

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04 Nov VAT – whose liability is it?

Where you’re involved in a project with other firms, establishing if your status is as an agent or principal for VAT purposes is essential or you might land yourself with unexpected costs. What are the key factors you should consider? Widespread effect Where more than one business...

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19 Sep Reclaiming EU VAT – 30 September 2015 deadline

The deadline for clients to reclaim VAT on expenses incurred in other EU countries in 2014 is the end of September 2015. How do they get the money back? If your client is a VAT-registered business, they have less than a week to consider what EU...

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